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Two steps forward. One step back.

How many times in your life have you done this?

No, I’m not talking about the gem of a dance Paula Abdul did with that cartoon cat back in the 80’s… Man I loved that video!


What I am talking about is progress made in leaps and bounds. Really believing you have your something, whatever it is, under control. Then in one fell swoop you are significantly set back to where you started.

Well, this happened to me last month and I instantly thought my life was over.

I made the decision to move forward with some very necessary dental work that I have ignored and avoided the cost of for far too long. After the receptionist swiped my credit card, she tried to explain my receipt to me, but I wasn’t listening or even hearing what she was saying. I was too distracted by the vision of exploding, happy dollar sign balloons. One by one, dollar by dollar, my credit card statement inflated while all my future travel plans came to a screeching halt.

Take a deep breath and relax.

Once in my car I took a deep breath. My mental abacus was on overload. Another identical charge in the near thousand dollar range would occur again in one short month. Wisdom teeth to extract sometime in the next year. A doctor appointment coming up. This bill. That bill. Bills. Bills. Bills!

Staring into the rain I came to realize that THIS is why I came home. Sacrifices, like thrifty shopping or not flying for two years, is what I have dedicated myself to. Necessary setbacks, such as much-needed dental work, are also sacrifices. An essential part of being a responsible and healthy – gulp – adult, but a sacrifice to make none-the-less in order to realize my ultimate goals.


Looking forward to the year ahead

My long-term goals still hold true. I wish, more than anything, to pay off credit cards and jet set. To rid myself of the self-inflicted burden of debt and be free to explore the places I’ve fantasized about experiencing since I was a child.

One of my first new posts to this blog was My Mighty Life List. This list is an ever-changing and ever-growing tally of personal ideas, dreams, whims, and goals. It’s also a proclamation of purpose. To be held accountable to yourself, it’s important to be up front about your intentions. By sharing my ambitions electronically I aim to be part of a community of like-minded adventurers. I wish to share ideas, inspiration, and encouragement with these people, and I urge fellow sojourners to do the same.

I look forward to learning all about the chosen journeys of friends and strangers alike, for it is through their adventures that I draw my inspiration and fuel my desire to see the world.

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