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Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015

I LOVE Instagram.

I didn’t at first, though. As with most new social media outlets, it took me a little while to understand the point of it. When I first downloaded it in 2011 (I think?), I thought it was just an app to share old photos that you edited and added funky filters to. I used a handful of different photo editors outside of Instagram that added light leaks and filters called “summer mist” or “ethereal moon.” Looking back, those first 20 or so photos I posted while figuring the app out are, honestly, kinda ugly.

Backing away from standard filters and, instead, learning how to actually edit has brought my photos to a whole new level. Plus, Instagram has added so many more practical functions since I first started using it, like the geotag and map function. Man, do I LOVE it. I think that’s when it finally clicked for me when they added a map to it – of course! I love being able to share photos from trips I took 10 years ago!

Upgrades to Instagram, as well as my photo editing skills, has helped me increase my blog audience and reach. So, I thought I would share my top 10 Instagrams of 2015, along with a heartfelt appreciation of everyone who has supported me this year. THANK YOU!

Here are my 10 most double-tapped photos of the year.

First, I’ll share a little background with you. Up to today, I’ve shared 104 photos in 2015. I will probably share a few more before the end of the year, but I couldn’t wait until then! No canned filters were used, a few were only slightly enhanced with Afterlight (my preferred photo editing app), and several of them weren’t touched up at all. Of course, I included where in the world each photo was taken, too! All but two photos were shot this year.


10. Luffenholtz Beach – Trinidad, California

9. Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

8. Cape Cod Food Truck Festival – Falmouth, Massachusetts

7. Donovan Frankenreiter at the Beachcomber – Wellfleet, Massachusetts

6. Antique globes at Uncommon Objects – Austin, Texas

5. Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) in Millenium Park – Chicago, Illinois

4. Sunset at Ryder Beach – Truro, Massachusetts

3. Snack time at District Donuts in the Garden District – New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Sunrise in the Skyline District – Houston, Texas

1. Kayaking in Punta Gorda, Belize

Thank you to everyone who follows along, likes my photos, and leaves comments, whether it’s been from the beginning or just recently. I truly appreciate the support! I look forward to sharing even more with you in 2016 and seeing where the year takes me!

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