The Worst Writing Process in the History of Man 2

I think I have ADD.

I thought going to the library would help… Here is how my “productive Saturday” at the library went:


1. Sit down. Open laptop.

2. Down a bunch of water. I’m suddenly so thirsty.

3. Open needed web pages then go use the bathroom.

4. Come back, check Instagram on my iPhone. Like 3 photos.


5. Check out what’s new on Your eCards Tumblr,and  a Jennifer Lawrence YouTube video.

6. Put lotion on my hands. No way can I write with dry skin.

7. Edit something on an existing post. After re-reading it twice.

8. Check email.

9. Send a very important text to a friend in California about baby Skarsgård on Hemlock Grove.


10. Write a list of priority items for work next week.

11. While I’m at it I will make a grocery list and look up some recipes.

12. Write a beginner title for the new post. Stare at the screen for about a minute.

13. Check Facebook real quick. Twitter too.

14. Dig myself out of a Buzz Feed and Jezebel rabbit hole.


15. Begin free writing the new post.

16. Edit free writing.

17. Stare out the window. Wish it was spring.

18. Look up the bird I saw in the bush outside the window.


19. Pack up and go home because the library is closing.

20. Eavesdrop on the conversation outside my bedroom once I get my laptop set up at my desk.

21. Get a new pen. This one just will not do.

22. Jump into the eavesdropped-on conversation because now it’s about pizza.

23. Save post and start over again tomorrow.

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