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Looking Back

Monthly Update: September 2017

I cannot believe it’s October already (and almost halfway through). September seriously flashed before my eyes. Here’s what I got up to in September. It wasn’t a whole lot.…

Transformed Thru Travel Monthly Update: August 2017
Looking Back

Monthly Update: August 2017

I read somewhere recently that August is the “Sunday of summer.” In this analogy, June and July are equivalent to Friday and Saturday nights, and Sundays are meant for relaxing and recuperating from the weekend. So, I couldn’t agree…

Cape Cod

A Local’s Guide: 4 Beautiful Spring Walks on Cape Cod

EDITOR’S NOTE:Β This post was updated July 2017. There areΒ a number of spots to enjoy walks on Cape Cod. I can’t think of a single reason why the following locations wouldn’t make for a pleasant walk during any season, but…