Save Cash: On the Roof Over your Head, Part 2

Awhile back I wrote a post about how I managed to live rent-free for nearly 2 years, and one way that I discovered how to do it again some day. Here is another way that people can work in cool places for organizations that provide room (and maybe board, too) for free or practically free.

Be an Environmental Educator or Camp Counselor

There are plenty of camps across the United States and abroad that need counselors and environmental educators. This is one route to go to get paid and possibly have housing provided for very cheap, if not free.  If you enjoy sharing your knowledge of tree or bird identification, archery or horseback riding, art, sailing, or hiking, this might be the job for you!

There are private camps, YMCA camps, Girl Scout or Boy Scout camps, environmental education centers or nature preserves. While helping AmeriCorps members decide what they will be doing after their term of service ends, I stumbled upon quite a few interesting education positions that provide housing of all sorts. Many of the positions I found through the website Back Door Jobs and Environmental Career Opportunities (ECO). These two websites are, again, organized and pretty, and a great jumping off point to search for jobs in specific states or regions. If a job looks intriguing, look up the organization’s website to learn more about it, the area it’s located, benefits for employees (like free housing!), important dates, etc.



A sampling of interesting jobs I’ve encountered include an Outdoor Environmental Education Instructor at a YMCA Camp in Jackson, MI; Be a Crew Trainer or Camp Presenter at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL; or be a Field Science Educator at a select National Park through Nature Bridge, based out of San Francisco, CA.

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