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I am the farthest thing from a fashionista, but I’m not a total noob either. I like to look presentable and feel comfortable, but most importantly I like to still have money in my pocket. Here are some of my pennywise fashion rules.

1. I take good care of what I have. Wash clothing the way instructions say – including dry clean only clothes. Wear field clothes in the field and office clothes in the office. Don’t wear a brand new Patriots shirt when you’re planning to paint your bedroom. Hem your pants if they are too long. Wear appropriate footwear and watch out for puddles – they make rain boots for a reason!


2. I buy solid colors, often in bulk. I avoid most prints when it comes to clothes. In addition to the standard black and denim bottoms, I keep brown, gray, and navy around to compliment the bright-colored shirts. I often by t-shirts, long sleeves, and button ups from Old Navy or Target. They are simple, comfortable, you can layer them, and they’ll never go out of style.


3. I buy clothes that fit and complement my body shape. If you aren’t totally comfortable in your clothes, it will show. Buying a larger pant size (if the winter has added a couple extra pounds) is much smarter than trying to squeeze into a pair that are a size too small. Even if you plan to fit into the smaller size again someday, it’s worth the confidence and comfort in the present moment. This rule also applies to carefully choosing which trends to follow. The following trends I avoid, to save money, will absolutely not compliment my 30-something year old body. In the same token, my 30-something year old self does not enjoy all the three-piece skirt suits and work wear that 30-somethings are supposed to wear. I buy what I feel most comfortable in.

4. I am picky about what trends to follow. Things I’ve seen lately that I will NEVER wear: thigh-high socks, rompers, harem pants, cut-out dresses, and ponchos. Things I’ve seen more of that I absolutely love: fold-over combat boots, infinity scarves, ribbed sweater tights, and bright-colored corduroys.


5. I accessorize with prints and bright colors. Neon colors were pretty cool at the beginning of the summer this year. Were you going to catch me in a neon yellow shirt? Hell No. So, I felt quite accomplished when I found a package of neon bobby pins at the dollar store. Punches of bright colors and funky prints mix well with all the solid colored neutrals I have! Colorful scarves and sunglasses are my go-to accessories.


6. I keep my jewelery quite simple. I have a small collection of jewelery that I actually wear regularly. I feel very sentimental about this jewelery because it represents Cape Cod, my home. To me, the simple designs are classic and casual, and complete any outfit, even when I “dress up” for weddings. Recognizable anywhere, when I see someone with a “Cape Cod” bracelet in California or Florida I feel pleased knowing I have something in common with them: A love of Cape Cod.


What are some of your cash saving tips when it comes to clothing and fashion?

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