Pinterest Just Kicked the Bucket List Up a Notch 2

No. Pinterest didn’t kick the bucket. Actually, my obsession with the idea board website and app has reignited.

Now you can MAP your pins! I am loving this.

Now you can MAP your pins! I am loving this.

Listing travel wishes on my Mighty Life List just got a lot more fun.

And if you’re wondering where the hell I’ve been hiding… Well, a couple of posts have been in the works. My new job is life-encompassing and I’ve had difficulty managing time to do things for myself. Sad face. I promise to have something with substance up soon!

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Just Kicked the Bucket List Up a Notch

  • ashleysprain1

    Pinterest is evolving into a great interactive social media platform that everyone should be taking advantage of! People are already obsessed with the image-sharing site because they can relate visually to what the appeal too, but it will be even better now with this bucket list map pinning. Image how travel and airline companies can use this in their social media strategy to improve engagement with people all over the world. A complete travel itinerary is now at your fingertips with Pinterest.

  • bquaglieri

    I love the new mapping feature! It’s a little difficult to traverse right now, but hopefully they will figure out how to make it run smoothly. I wonder if there is a way to pull images and locations from other platforms besides Four Square, like Instagram which has photos attached to the locations already!