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You’re probably being bombarded with gift guides right now. This is not a gift guide. Conveniently, though, I wrote it just in time for the holidays. So, if you don’t already have these items, now’s the time to put them on your wish list. Or treat yo’self!

These must-have travel items are perfect for anyone for any trip. I personally use all items listed below when I travel domestically and/or internationally, and I highly recommend all of them.  None of these items will take up much room in your luggage.

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Amazon Prime Membership

There are several benefits to having this membership. In addition to discounted prices on anything you can imagine and 2-day shipping, you have access to movies, TV shows, music, and e-books. Plus, unlimited online photo storage. I easily backup all my travel photos for extra safe keeping. I save money on e-books by utilizing the Kindle User’s Library and Kindle First for two free e-books a month. A TON of benefits come with this membership! Try it free for 30 days!

Audible Membership

I love listening to audiobooks while out for a walk, or while cleaning, or traveling long distances. Audible makes it super easy to find great books that you can listen to from your smartphone, Kindle/tablet, or computer. Switch devices all you want because the spot you stopped listening will be synced across devices. There’s something for everyone with over 180,000 titles to choose from. Another benefit of this membership is the discounted prices, many at half the retail value. Try it FREE for 30 days!

Audiobooks I’ve enjoyed:

Spotify Premium Membership

Not into anything Amazon related, but still want access to music? A Spotify Premium membership will work. Spotify is a computer and phone app with a seemingly unlimited library of music. The Premium Membership doesn’t have the pesky commercials like the free version. You can also skip songs and listen offline (no data/wifi) with a premium membership. I was a loyal Spotify Premium subscriber until Amazon added Prime Music.

Kindle Fire

I love my Kindle Fire HD (internet enabled, not 3G). I prefer it over the Paper White because, in addition to holding hundreds (maybe thousands!) of books, I can listen to audiobooks and music, and watch movies on it. You can even browse your favorite websites on a Kindle Fire. Since Kindle is an Amazon product it syncs perfectly with all that my Amazon Prime membership offers. Available on Amazon.

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Belkin 3-Outlet Travel Surge Protector

Charge up to five things at once with this handy tool. There are three outlets and two USB ports to use. It will also protect your electronics from power surges. I find this most useful at the airport when charging stations are full. Make new friends by sharing your abundant electricity! Available on Amazon.

All-in-one Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter will let you transform your US electronics with two-prong plugs to the various shaped plugs around the world. All-in-one units or sets with individual adapters are available. I have used both and prefer the all-in-one version because a voltage converter is included. Ever heard of electronics (especially hair dryers) frying because the voltage was too high? I have this power adapter, but there are many different brands and styles to choose from.

Items Every Traveler Should Have

Bodyguardz Screen Protectors

I absolutely, 100% support this brand’s smartphone screen protectors and their Advantage Program. The screen protectors are easy to install, prevents scratches, and are the first line of defense against cracks from falls. The initial retail cost may be steep, but join the Advantage Program and it will pay for itself if you ever need a replacement. Get free replacements for the lifetime of your device and a 20% member discount on all other Bodyguardz products with the Advantage Program. It’s free and easy to join. Also available on Amazon, if you don’t want to join the Advantage Program.

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What must-have travel items do you have on your packing list?

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Must-have travel items for every traveler. Have these things on hand and any trip will be easy!

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