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Monthly Update: July 2017

I can’t believe we’ve reached the halfway point of summer, and that I’ve been home for three months already! It’s crunch time for the decision to return to New Zealand this winter or to pursue another adventure or project. I gave myself until the end of August to decide, so I have a serious pro/con list to create!

Here’s what I got up to in July.

Places Visited

monthly update july travel map

Nothing to report on here! I’m still just shuffling between home and work. That will change soon, though!

There’s only one more month of summer. Then the Cape Cod shoulder season is upon us. That’s my favorite time of year to visit the islands, and hopefully make that trip to Cuttyhunk Island that I mentioned last month.


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MacKenzie and I played tourists for the day and took a ride on a Cape Cod Duckmobile! Hyannis, Massachusetts

Spending time with MacKenzie. My heart just bursts for this girl! She is so much fun to hang out with. We often just sit and chat about what she did that day or about new things she’s learned.

We recently played tourist together and took a ride on a Cape Cod Duckmobile. If you’ve never heard of a duckmobile or duck boat, it’s an amphibious vehicle that rides on land and in water. They’re used for tours in Boston and on Cape Cod.

You may have seen the Boston Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins, and the New England Patriots aboard duck boats during their Rolling Rallies after their championship wins.

Although, in a previous life they served as utility vehicles in World War II. Their most critical role in the war was to carry troops and heavy equipment from ships to the shore in areas where docks had been damaged. Like in Normandy, France in 1944.

Fun Fact: The US Army trained troops to use these vehicles here on Cape Cod in 1942!

Challenges & Self-Care

Stepping away from my computer and leaving my phone behind while doing computer work has been a priority this month. I have such a long list of things I WANT to do, but I know I can’t possibly do everything in one day. Being that person that sits in front of their computer for 12 hours a day is not the person I want to be.

I have to remember to just do one thing at a time, and focus on one task at a time. This will help me get things done more efficiently and faster in the long term. I’ll have more time to flip through magazines, read young adult dystopian novels (more on that up next), and really focus on MacKenzie’s imaginatively made-up stories.

Making the transition from full time waitressing this summer to social media and content management has made all the difference in my health & wellness. I am so happy with this decision and the new chapter in my life.

What I’m Reading

I finally finished up the final book in the Divergent Series, which is Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth. It includes four short stories from the perspective of Tobias Eaton, also known as Four, from the first three books. The stories take place before and during the other books in the series, overlapping with the story of Tris.

I recommend the whole series to fans of dystopian stories and science fiction. Who doesn’t love a little POV switch up to continue a story and delve a little deeper into it? Plus, since it’s aimed at young adults, it makes for a quick read. All four books can easily be read during a lazy long weekend or your on next beach vacation.

What I’m Loving

Milo Ventimiglia Instagram

Since I’ve buckled down and been hyper-focused on working and saving money, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been loving lately.

First up, I discovered Milo Ventimiglia’s personal Instagram account, and that guy has an eye for art! Most celebrity Instagram accounts are a never-ending gallery of promos and red carpet shots. Milo has a beautiful and cohesive theme going on and you can tell he enjoys curating his feed. Check it out! Do you love it as much as I do?

Second, since the day it was released, I’ve been almost non-stop listening to Harry Styles’ brand new solo album, appropriately named after himself. My favorite tracks are the first single “Sign of the Times,” “Woman,” and “Ever Since New York.”

Lastly, I cannot get enough of the blog posts from The Sweetest Way. I’ve mentioned this blog, authored by Leah Davis, in a previous update. I wrote about her book, Take Your Life Back: Finding Freedom Through Location Independence, as one source of inspiration on my quest to have a more flexible, healthy, and creative lifestyle.

I’m now a proud affiliate for Leah, so use that link above to buy her book if you, too, want more freedom in your life to pursue what makes you truly happy. I’ll earn a commission from each sale through that link at no additional cost to you! 

I love the simple way she explains things, and everything she writes just speaks to me.

For instance, the idea of editing photos in Lightroom has always seemed like a task too large for me to take on. To say the program is complicated is an understatement. Where would I even begin to learn how to use it properly?

She answered that question in a step-by-step post recently. She showed me that Lightroom, while it is a beast of a program, learning it is attainable and my photography can only improve by using it.

Now, it’s about time my Canon DSLR and I to go exploring!

More Next Month

I’m going to see the Beach Boys in August!! They play at the Melody Tent (same place I saw Michael Franti in June) every year and I’ve always wanted to see them live, so I am finally making that happen! My little beach bum heart is fluttering.

I’m still on the lookout for a cheap, sit-inside, single rider kayak for less than $300. #goals

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