Guest Post Guidelines

When I tell people that travel helps me overcome anxiety and depression, and I write about it, the overwhelming response is always gratitude.

Being honest about my struggles with mental health inspires others to share their struggles with me. Whether I’ve just met them or I’ve known them for years, when I open up to people, they open up in return.

Every time I share my story, a little bit of pressure, shame, and embarrassment falls away like chips from a marble block as an artist creates their masterpiece.

I want to share other’s stories to help them feel the same.

Content that fits with Transformed Thru Travel

Here are some ideas for the types of posts that will fit well with this site. I am also open to related ideas, so don’t hesitate to send me a pitch!

  • practical tips for traveling with mental health issues
  • transformative travel experiences or stories about how travel has helped change you or your outlook
  • overcoming any type of hidden condition/disability (mental or physical) to pursue your travel dreams
  • tips for practicing self-care on the road
  • events or products related to travel and mental health that people must know about
  • overcoming or experiencing fears, anxiety, depression while traveling



Guest post requirements

  • Your submission should be at least 750 words but no more than 1500.
  • It must be an original piece, not published on any other site.
  • Include 2-4 applicable photos, including one of yourself. I would appreciate images in the 100kb-150kb range, with 800px width if horizontal and 600px width if vertical. Please ask if you don’t know how to do this!
  • A short author bio and links to your blog and/or social media.

Promotion of your guest post

  • Guest posts will be published once a month. I tend to publish on Fridays.
  • I will promote your post on some of my social networks, tagging you where appropriate. My audience on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter is still growing but they are highly engaged.
  • I will create at least one Pinterest image from a photo included in the post.
  • I’ll inform you of when your post is live so you can promote it on your social media channels.
  • I highly encourage guest writers who have their own blog to link to their guest post on their “press” page. If you do not have one, create one and use mine as a guide.

Please, send me your ideas!

Use this contact form to send me your ideas. Please include links to writing samples.

If you would like to discuss partnerships + collaborations, please see my Work With Me page. I will no longer be accepting guest posts from anyone representing a brand, business, or product.

Join the Transformed Thru Travel Community

The Transformed Thru Travel Community Facebook group is for anyone who struggles with mental health issues but desperately wants to travel, and those who travel despite mental health issues. You’ll find thoughtful discussions about travel and mental health & wellness, and meet like-minded travelers who are ready to support and encourage you.