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Brittany’s Wishlist: A Gift Guide for People Who Love Travel

How do you choose gifts for people who love travel? If they are frequent travelers, they might already have the newest and best items on the market.

Like me, they might have a list of items, either written down or just in their minds, that they would love to own one day. They just don’t own it yet for one reason or another.

In my case, as a minimalist, I primarily buy things out of necessity. I see no need for excess things unless I’m 120% sure they will add value to my life or make travel more convenient or fun. So, I created a list of items that I have considered buying for myself, in some cases, for quite a long time now. I’ve weighed the pros and cons of adding each item to my collection, and have concluded that, yes, I DO need these items.

Please, use this list as a guide to buying gifts for travelers in your life. They might be stuck in analysis paralysis, like me. 

gifts for people who love travel

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Friends and other travelers I’ve met have these items and rave about them. In some cases, I’ve even had the chance to test them out or borrow them, which helped me decide that I wanted to buy them.

Wireless Earbuds

Travel just isn’t the same without headphones. I use them to block out the noise from a crowded bus or escape from a plane ride with music or an audiobook. What frustrates me the most about corded headphones is when they are ripped from my ears unexpectedly when my arm catches the cord. Enter cordless, wireless, Bluetooth headphones to save the day!


Portable Charger

So far, I’ve managed to live and travel without a great portable charger. I’ve maintained my phone’s battery while I travel by using OK versions I’ve picked up for free at conferences and I always carry an extra wall charger. I also always travel with my Kindle Fire which tends to blow through its battery power quickly, as well. [Fun fact: Your Kindle Fire battery will last longer if you turn off WiFi capabilities when not downloading content or browsing the internet.] Plus, if I’m going to be using wireless earbuds, I’ll need an on-the-go charger for those, too.


Lonely Planet Coffee Table Books

OK, these won’t make travel more convenient or fun but it will make dreaming of travel fun! Also, there’s no need to choose between these since books aren’t really on my “excess things” list! I’ll take all three, please!


Smartphone Camera Lenses

I have a set of smartphone camera lenses already, but I do not love them. Either I’m using them incorrectly (100% cannot be true) or they were the cheapest set I could find on Amazon at the time that I bought them. Yep, that’s more like it. It’s time to upgrade to a higher quality set.


GoPro Camera

Not much can be said about this wishlist item. I mean, if you love photography, you can never have too many cameras, right? Especially when adding a camera so powerful and compact to your collection! I’m unsure of which version to start with, but after reading through specs and reviews of each version, I think I’d be happy with the HERO5 Black. The features that are important to me is that it has a 2-inch display, shoots in RAW, and it’s waterproof.

gifts for people who love travel



I already have a couple of tripods, but again I have to ask, is there such a thing as too many camera accessories? I use this lightweight one with my DLSR. This tabletop one works well with my phone and point-and-shoot. Adding a flexible tripod to my arsenal would increase photo opportunities because all three cameras can be used with it.


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