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September is one of my favorite months; September 23 my favorite day – the autumnal equinox. As a kid, I always loved the spring and fall equinox. They mark changes in seasons and are the mid-way points in the countdown to the next solstice – the longest and shortest days of the year – in the summer and winter.

These were days of celebration in my family. My mother identified as a Pagan, a practice that celebrates nature and folklore, so I learned to appreciate the miracle of the sun and the magic of Earth’s revolution around it. Even though I studied the science behind Earth systems in college, the butterflies I feel in my stomach are just as strong now as they were then when I think about the fascinating power of our planet.

I also get to FINALLY indulge in some pumpkin spice latte because it is now truly the season! 


Geography of Travel

Geography of Travel – 9.15

Here are my most interesting finds from around the internet this month:

  1. As a raging introvert, I love me some quiet, peaceful solitude. The Washington Post put together this list of the the best places to be alone all over the world.
  2. The Earth is a great, big, beautiful place. These images of the dark side of the moon making its way past Earth is breathtaking, too.
  3. Up next on my list of things to do in Boston is visit The Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The Christian Science Plaza in Back Bay is one of my favorite spots to visit in the city, yet I have never ventured in to see this:
  4. I’ve been brushing up on my Central America knowledge to get ready for a big trip in November. This is what I’ve been reading: Eyewitness Travel – Top 10 Cancun & The Yucatan, Lonely Planet Belize, and The Aspiring Traveler’s Handbook by Jackie Laulainen. So excited!
  5. Needless to say, all this studying means I’m getting a 100% on this Central America Geography Quiz.

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