Geography of Travel 8.15

I’m only sharing 3 Geography of Travel links because the month of August was a busy time for me! Even though I was furiously preparing for the upcoming AmeriCorps service year, I used up a lot of my left over vacation days, too. Some highlights: I spent a couple days in on the Outer Cape — Wellfleet, Truro & Provincetown, MA — and visited Nantucket for a long weekend. ¬†Oh, and I met Donavan Frankenreiter… If you DON’T know who that is, I feel sorry that you’ve been missing out. Look him up!

Geography of Travel

Here are my most interesting finds this month:

    1. Maphead by Ken Jennings – Ken Jennings appeared on 75 Jeopardy! episodes, winning the previous 74 consecutively and setting a record. He is a fellow geography nerd and map lover, and yes, I read this book. =)
    2. Ever think about what is directly across the ocean from you? Spain and Portugal are across the ocean from me here on Cape Cod. What is across from you?
    3. Bellerby & Co Globemakers. Their Instagram account (@globemakers) features photos of their remarkable globes and the talented artists creating them in action. They have a seriously cool job.


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