Geography of Travel 3.16

What is the Geography of Travel?

This month I’ve been thinking about why I started this series and if I should keep it going. Will it benefit my audience? I sure hope it will! If you don’t have an interest in geography or think that you’ll never need a geography lesson, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Well, you can’t – and shouldn’t – travel without geography. At least, I don’t recommend it. IMHO.

Geography is the study of the earth – the land, the people, and its phenomena. It’s the study of countries, states, and capitals. It’s the study of earth, water, weather, climate, food, vegetation, and animals; history, cities, population, transportation, infrastructure. It’s the study of art, education, language, and culture. It’s the study of impact and relationship. Geography covers all of these topics AND MORE by considering them spatially and how one affects the other. To me, this is an essential perspective to have as a traveler, and it can only enhance your experiences.

Everything can be associated with PLACE and everything can be put on a map. You can map language, temperature, migration patterns, population, eagle nests, fictional placeshot dogs, Vampire Weekend lyrics. Everything – go ahead and challenge me on that.

I am fascinated by geography. It’s an underrated discipline, or perhaps just misunderstood. I hope to make converts of anyone who will listen to me.

Geography of Travel

Geography of Travel – 3.16

Here are my most interesting finds from around the internet this month:

  1. This is the most difficult geography quiz I’ve ever attempted! Your only clues are what was captured by Google for street view. You have to pay attention to tiny clues such as flags, architecture, and regional animals – if present at all! Try it out and let me know how you did!
  2. I love road trips. I love books. I LOVE maps. This puts all three together and I couldn’t be more excited!
  3. Turtle Bay, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Meat Packing District – strange names indeed. Learn about how these and other neighborhoods in New York City received their names.

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