Geography of Travel 12.15

October and November got away from me. Or rather, I got away in October and November! I visited two new cities and two new countries. Two weeks away in two months in the middle of a very busy time at my day job left me with quite a bit of catch up work to do, both at work and here on the blog!

Geography of Travel

Geography of Travel – 10.15 thru 12.15

Here are my most interesting finds from around the internet the past few months:


  1. Here is a map of stereotypes and pop culture references.
  2. Matador is my go-to site for geography quizzes. Here’s a simple one to try out.
  3. I cannot wait for little Mack to get a little bit older so I can get her a subscription to Little Passports and we can play with maps together all day long!


  1. Some of these don’t even look real.
  2. Offline Google maps? Yes, please!
  3. Could you imagine New York City without a Central Park and a Westside and Eastside park instead?


  1. Wow. In the 1840s, it took over 150 days to get from New York City to China. Thank goodness for planes, trains, and automobiles.
  2. This is the hardest online geography quiz I have ever attempted. It’s all words, no pictures and you only have 7 minutes to answer 30 questions!
  3. These photos are the reason why I always choose a window seat.

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