Geography of Travel 7.15

I’m obsessed Geography.

I even got a college degree in it  – NERD ALERT! At first I thought I would have to memorize a bunch of capitals, which I’ve never been good at. It took just one college Geography class for me to realize there is so much more to it. Geographers are trained to think of how things are spatially distributed — people, plants, animals, weather, transportation, income, crime, happiness, water, wine, baseball fans, burritos — EVERYTHING can be put on a map. 

What is more essential to travel than maps?

I think it’s safe to say all travelers love maps. Can you name one who doesn’t? My love of travel fuels my obsession with maps and Geography. Or it might be the other way around!

Either way, I want to share my love of both, so every month I will share a list of fun and interesting Geography related finds!

Geography of Travel

Here are my most interesting finds from around the internet this month:

  1. This sweet Pinterest Board named Geographica Obscura. I stumbled on this while trying to come up with a name for this feature.
  2. This Interactive Time Zone Map is fun. There are other cool features on the site, too.
  3. The Panorama of NYC at Queens Museum. You know the movie New Years Eve? This place was in that movie!
  4. Also at Queens Museum is this GIANT watershed model. At 540 square feet, this would be the largest relief map I’ve ever seen. Must. Plan Trip. Soon. 
  5. Try the Daily Overview Quiz! Then drool over all their beautiful images.

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