Everyone loves to hate a Patriots fan 1

In order to watch my preferred games, I have to hang out at the sports bar in town which is conveniently named The Sidelines (Salem State folks should love this one). I arrive mostly on time since east coast games start promptly at 10 am. The rest of the town’s sports fans arrive slightly earlier to claim one of the 10+ televisions. Being on time is easier at the beginning of the season because the rainy season hasn’t started yet.

I love that there are more Cowboys and Bills fans in Northern California than there are native 49er’s fans. For the past couple years there has been a crew of New England fans who became my Sunday bff’s. This season, though, it’s just me and the bar manager, who moved here from Charlestown, for now. We take the hater’s comments with a grain of salt, realizing that their hatred stems from jealousy.

Aside from constantly arguing the Patriot’s awesome-ness, I love going to Sidelines to watch games. Although, I do get distracted very easily while I’m by myself (that shiny thing across the room is just too enticing for me to keep my eyes on the TV screen). Add a rowdy crowd of Steelers fans in one corner, the angry 49er’s fans in the other and the loud-mouthed Redskins fan across the table; I may as well not even be there. What saves me from relying solely on online recaps and updates is the fact that I can get breakfast from anywhere and bring it to the bar. My favorite plate is Karen’s Potatoes from Big Blue Cafe. And Chuck makes one hell of a Bloody Mary.

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  • BMR

    Q: This brings me back. When I was living in San Diego, I thought I’d died and gone to pigskin heaven. Sundays, there’d be games at 10 am (1 pm EST), 1 pm (4 pm EST), and 4 pm (the Sunday night game); sometimes, there’d even be a West Coast game at 7 pm (PST). Good times!

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