Save Cash

Use Ebates to Save Cash Online

Use Ebates to save cash when you shop online. It’s not often, but when I choose to purchase something online, I always go to first. Not only does this site save me money, but it saves time, too. In addition to earning a percentage kickback of each purchase, you can find current deals and coupon codes, too. How It […]

stack of books

Save Cash: On Books

This one’s for all the bookworms out there I am a pathological book collector. I like to own books for several reasons. So I can freely write in the margins and underline passages. So I can read as slowly as I see fit. So I can pass the book off to a friend when I’m finished. So I can curl […]

Save Cash: On the Roof Over Your Head

I’ve saved thousands of dollars. I have not paid rent since August 2012 when I switched coasts. At first I lived with my sister, just for a couple of months, before adding “facility caretaker” to my daycare assistant job description. In addition to assisting at the home daycare, I took on the responsibility of cleaning, organizing, and residing in the […]

Save Cash: On Clothes 2

I am the farthest thing from a fashionista, but I’m not a total noob either. I like to look presentable and feel comfortable, but most importantly I like to still have money in my pocket. Here are some of my pennywise fashion rules. 1. I take good care of what I have. Wash clothing the way instructions say – including […]

Save Cash: On Food 5

While living simply (a.k.a. cheaply) I aim to still live a healthy lifestyle. I prefer to buy organic and local products, which is not always cheap. This preference holds a high priority, so I make it happen. It not only makes me feel better about the food I’m consuming for my health but also for the overall health of our […]

Living on a Budget

Being Pennywise – Living on a Budget

I know a little something about living on a budget.¬†An extremely tight budget for that matter. In 2008 I started working with AmeriCorps in California. AmeriCorps considers you a civil volunteer so you do not earn an hourly wage or a salary. The program provides you with a living stipend which I know to range from around $500 to $1200 […]