A fresh start in a familiar place


I moved home for all sorts of reasons. Most importantly I wanted to be closer to my growing family and long-time friends. I missed New England especially Cape Cod where I grew up. I also needed the proper space to heal from a long suppressed traumatic experience, which I will elaborate on more in the future as it pertains to just how I got to where I am today. I needed different, if not new, surroundings to clear my mind and set the stage for what’s next.


A frigid vista from Fort Hill in Eastham, Ma overlooking Salt Pond Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

As the harsh, snow-filled winter months passed, and I had time to decompress and reflect on the events and decisions of the last five years of my life, I made three decisions.

1. Credit cards would be paid off. By any means possible.

2. I would pursue a long-time dream of mine, one that I used college to prepare myself for, but never felt confident enough to do so. I want to create a career in travel! I’m open to all avenues which may lead to such a thing and am fully aware that it will not just happen over night. I am a pragmatic, blue-blooded Massachusetts girl after all.

3. To kick-start my ideal career and get some much-needed writing practice, I would refresh this long-neglected blog. I originally started it as a way to share funny stories and experiences with family and friends spread out over the globe, but never made the time for upkeep, as shown in the lack of earlier posts and overall organization.

A kid's picnic table and stumps covered in several feet of snow the morning after a New England blizzard.

A kid’s picnic table and stumps covered in several feet of snow the morning after a New England blizzard.

My plan for the blog now is to share money-saving techniques which have helped me pay off credits cards (3 in 9 months!), as well as anecdotes about things I like. Or perhaps some insights and observations of my surroundings, or musings on this supposed “adulthood” I’ve entered into, and, yes, that nagging feeling of being “behind” everyone else around my age.

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