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Geography of Travel
For Fun

Geography of Travel 12.15

October and November got away from me. Or rather, I got away in October and November! I visited two new cities and two new countries. Two weeks away in two months in the middle of a very busy time…

Geography of Travel
For Fun

Geography of Travel 9.15

September is one of my favorite months; September 23 my favorite day – the autumnal equinox. As a kid, I always loved the spring and fall equinox. They mark changes in seasons and are the mid-way points in the countdown…

Misguided Urgency is the Killer of Getting Things Done
Health & Wellness

Misguided Urgency, Killer of Getting Things Done

Misguided urgency is the killer of getting things done. The Minimalists post Someday inspired me to do this little exercise a few weeks ago.  This type of exercise, when done regularly, helps me realign my priorities, responsibilities, and goals – both…

Mental Health

Why I Got a Semicolon Tattoo

I decided to get a semicolon tattoo to be part of the movement to destigmatize mental health issues. It’s a simple design with a powerful message, perhaps most well known through Project Semicolon, a community of people dedicated to supporting those…

Geography of Travel
For Fun

Geography of Travel 8.15

I’m only sharing 3 Geography of Travel links because the month of August was a busy time for me! Even though I was furiously preparing for the upcoming AmeriCorps service year, I used up a lot of my left…

geotag instagram photos

Why You Should Geotag Instagram Photos

My argument to ALWAYS geotag Instagram photos. One of the things I love, love, love about Instagram is the geotag feature because I love maps. I’ll give you a tip – I frequently use Instagram when planning trips. This is how I discover…