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stack of books

Save Cash: On Books

This one’s for all the bookworms out there I am a pathological book collector. I like to own books for several reasons. So I can freely write in the margins and underline passages. So I can read as slowly as I see fit. So I can pass the book off to a friend when I’m finished. So I can curl […]

Save Cash: On the Roof Over Your Head

I’ve saved thousands of dollars. I have not paid rent since August 2012 when I switched coasts. At first I lived with my sister, just for a couple of months, before adding “facility caretaker” to my daycare assistant job description. In addition to assisting at the home daycare, I took on the responsibility of cleaning, organizing, and residing in the […]

Wanderlust Sparked By Just One Short Flight 4

First, watch this video. [youtube] The genuine reactions of these two women to their first ride in a plane EVER, reminded me of my own very first flight. I can relate to An’s anxiety and skepticism, and Ria’s wonder and glee. I, like An, wondered how in the world could a giant metal ship with wings get so high […]

Save Cash: On Clothes 2

I am the farthest thing from a fashionista, but I’m not a total noob either. I like to look presentable and feel comfortable, but most importantly I like to still have money in my pocket. Here are some of my pennywise fashion rules. 1. I take good care of what I have. Wash clothing the way instructions say – including […]

Travel the Silver Screen

While stuck inside during another winter storm, thankfully with electricity and internet again, I began perusing my DVD collection for films I could cozy up with until it was time to shovel. I hold a particular fondness for The Beach, Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, Sleepless in Seattle, Oceans 11, and Goonies. Watching movies set in places you’d like to […]

Two steps forward. One step back.

How many times in your life have you done this? No, I’m not talking about the gem of a dance Paula Abdul did with that cartoon cat back in the 80’s… Man I loved that video! [youtube=] What I am talking about is progress made in leaps and bounds. Really believing you have your something, whatever it is, under control. […]