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Save Cash

Save Cash: On Books

I am a pathological book collector. I like to own books for several reasons. So I can freely write in the margins and underline passages. So I can read as slowly as I see fit. So I can pass…

Save Cash

Save Cash: On the Roof Over Your Head

I’ve saved thousands of dollars. I have not paid rent since August 2012 when I switched coasts. At first I lived with my sister, just for a couple of months, before adding “facility caretaker” to my daycare assistant job…

Looking Back

Wanderlust Sparked By Just One Short Flight

First, watch this video. [youtube] The genuine reactions of these two women to their first ride in a plane EVER, reminded me of my own very first flight. I can relate to An’s anxiety and skepticism, and Ria’s…

Save Cash

Save Cash: On Clothes

I am the farthest thing from a fashionista, but I’m not a total noob either. I like to look presentable and feel comfortable, but most importantly I like to still have money in my pocket. Here are some of…


Travel the Silver Screen

While stuck inside during another winter storm, thankfully with electricity and internet again, I began perusing my DVD collection for films I could cozy up with until it was time to shovel. I hold a particular fondness for The…

For Fun

The Worst Writing Process in the History of Man

I think I have ADD. I thought going to the library would help… Here is how my “productive Saturday” at the library went: 1. Sit down. Open laptop. 2. Down a bunch of water. I’m suddenly so thirsty. 3.…

Mental Health

Two steps forward. One step back.

How many times in your life have you done this? No, I’m not talking about the gem of a dance Paula Abdul did with that cartoon cat back in the 80’s… Man I loved that video! [youtube=] What I…