Yearly Archives: 2013

Pinterest Just Kicked the Bucket List Up a Notch 2

No. Pinterest didn’t kick the bucket. Actually, my obsession with the idea board website and app has reignited. Listing travel wishes on my Mighty Life List just got a lot more fun. And if you’re wondering where the hell I’ve been hiding… Well, a couple of posts have been in the works. My new job is life-encompassing and I’ve had […]

Let’s talk about the Travel Bug 3

You know what it is. It’s that icky feeling you get when you can’t satiate a burning hunger to get away. When hit with a hard case of this particular bug, I personally feel a little trapped – almost claustrophobic, anxious, easily distracted, and forgetful. While driving alone in my car my mind will wander a little and before you […]

Save Cash: On Food 5

While living simply (a.k.a. cheaply) I aim to still live a healthy lifestyle. I prefer to buy organic and local products, which is not always cheap. This preference holds a high priority, so I make it happen. It not only makes me feel better about the food I’m consuming for my health but also for the overall health of our […]